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Customer Support Center Main Help Index

There are over 70 questions below, categorized into 4 groups (A-D). Click on a group heading to go to that group or you can scan down the list below. Please read through these questions/answers. If you still need help, send email to or call us at 321-951-2268 for more detailed questions. We are always happy to help, so please let us know how we can help you!

A. System Setup and Maintenance B. Invoices / Purchase Orders / Statements
C. Printing / Graphics / Envelopes / Labels D. Procedures, Accounting and Various Help Topics

  Our Blog has detailed articles on using the features of our programs. It is a great resource for help. Click here to visit our blog.

A. System Setup and Maintenance

A1 - You have Company, Invoice, Product and Customer Managers in this program. What are they and how do I use them?

A2 - How do I setup MY business?

A3 - What is the Default Company?

A4 - Where do I set the system options?

A5 - Can I create an audit trail or password-protect the system?

A6 - Can your system print mailing labels for my packages?

A7 - Can I add a fee to my customer accounts?

A8 - PLEASE backup your data files! Safeguard your data!!

A9 - How do I move data from computer A to computer B?

A10 - Are there any user-defined fields in your programs?

A11 - Can I send out late (past-due) notices to my customers?

A12 - Are your programs multi-user?

A13 - Can I print the customer notes on my reports?

A14 - Can I email invoices to some customers and postal mail the rest?

A15 - What does "Error 5XX" mean when I try to email an invoice?

A16 - Can I import data into your programs?

A17 - Can I export from your programs?

A18 - Do you have barcode reader support? Can I print barcodes?


B. Invoices / Purchase Orders (PO's) / Statements

B1 - What is the difference between invoices and statements?

B2 - How do I issue customers credits for returned merchandise?

B3 - What is the difference between a product invoice/PO and a memo invoice?

B4 - I made a mistake on an invoice/PO. Can I fix it?

B5 - What can I do to "fix" a partially-paid (type "X") invoice?

B6 - Do I need to print the invoice/PO when I create it?

B7 - I don't charge tax. Can I eliminate the tax field on my invoices/PO's?

B8 - Can I remove the product code field when printing invoices?

B9 - Can I customize my invoices and statements?

B10 - I already have my own logo on my letterhead stationery. Can I print my invoices and statements on my letterhead?

B11 - I have a small printer. Is there anything I can do to speed up the printing of my invoices?

B12 - I changed the size of my invoice body font and now the sales message doesn't appear on my invoices? What's going on?

B13 - Can I print more than one copy of the invoice? What about packing slips and remittance copies?

B14 - I have a customer with a zero balance that I want to delete but the system tells me they have invoices on file and I can't delete the record. What can I do?

B15 - What are the transaction code types displayed next to each invoice in the Invoice Manager?

B16 - What is the quickest way to see a customer's aging totals and account balance?

B17 - How can I view all the transactions against a single account number?

B18 - I bill the same service every month. Do I have to type the same line items on each invoice?

B19 - I have an Inventory Tracking program. Where can I get the information I need to plug into my inventory system? What about my general accounting program?

B20 - My customers give me deposits all the time. Can this program handle deposits?

B21 - I entered a $100.00 deposit from my customer and later I did a $100.00 invoice. The customers account balance is zero, but the deposit and the invoice still appear on my Aging Report. How do I get them off the report?

B22 - I need to track and bill my time on different projects. Is there any way I can do it using your system?

B23 - Can I email invoices to multiple email addresses?

B24 - We use a non-American date format. Do you have an option for displaying the date in another format?

B25 - I have two different customers with the same name, but your system does not allow duplicate customer names. What can I do?

B26 - Why is the Print Invoice Checkbox dimmed on the invoice? Why is the checkbox under it dimmed?

B27 - Why is there no place on the invoice to enter a shipping charge?

B28 - What does the on-hand quantity + old quantity mean?

B29 - Can I put a place on the invoice for a customer signature area?

B30 - Why isn't my invoice calculating tax?

B31 - Can I print out individual receivers on each page?

B32 - Can I delete old invoices and PO's?

B33 - Can I put a comment under the product description or extend the product description?

B34 - Can I use pre-printed forms?

B35 - Why don't I see my company name or the word "INVOICE" on the top of my invoice when printed?

B36 - Invoice/PO Numbers and sorting issues in the Invoice/PO Manager window.

B37 - Can I print a single Customer Statement?

B38 - Why don't PO's increase my stock levels?

B39 - Will the invoice/PO addresses fit in a window envelope?

B40 - Can I customize the Customer Statement?

B41 - How do I print a paid receipt?

B42 - Can I use a different sale price for the same product?

B43 - How do I add a message on the Customer Statements?

B44 - Why do my emailed invoices look different than my PDF invoices?

B45 - I offer my customers a discount when they pre-pay their account for future services. Normally, I charge them $100 per service, but if they pre-pay $500 I will give them six (6) services. My question is, how do I do this using your program?

C. Printing / Graphics / Envelopes / Labels

C1 - I created a bitmap picture logo and added it to my invoice but when it prints its very small, what can I do?

C2 - Why do my envelopes and mailing labels print all scrunched up and the lines print on top of each other, or print too far apart?

C3 - Why don't I see any text printed on my envelopes?

C4 - What are the printer DPI (dots-per-inch) / measurements / settings for my printer?

C5 - I turned the shading option on and all it does is print lines in the shaded area. Why is this happening?

C6 - When I print my invoice the extended prices run off the end of the page. How do I fix this?

C7 - I am having printing problems...

Other Related Topics:

B11 - I have a small printer. Is there anything I can do to speed up the printing of my invoices?


D. Procedures, Accounting and Various Help Topics

D1 - I do sub-contract work and need to bill one customer for many different (3rd party) jobs and work sites. Do I setup each job site as a customer?

D2 - I charge all my work to one product code when billing my customers, but later, I want to move the charges from that product code and split the charges against different product codes. Can I do this with your system?

D3 - How do I write-off a bad (unpaid) debt?

D4 - Unit price for same product/different sales

D5 - How do I handle down-payment to apply to an invoice?

D6 - How to track inventory used by a Job or Project?

D7 - Can I do Quotes?

D8 - Do I ever need to rebuild my data files?

D9 - Why does the Repeat Billing Wizard still generate an invoice for an inactive account?

D10 - I have a customer name longer than 35 characters. What do I do?

D11 - Can I fax my invoices/statements through my computer to my clients?

D12 - Can I charge multiple taxes on my invoices?

D13 - How do I handle GST?

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