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 Program Feature Comparison Chart:
FF Inventory Pro DELUXE
FF Inventory Pro FF Billing Manager Pro DELUXE FF Billing Manager Pro STANDARD 
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Current software version numbers of our products: 5.5 5.3 4.4
Download a Users Manual in PDF format:
(Please note, all of our programs have complete online help built into the programs. Each program feature has a help button you can click on for detailed help. These Users Manuals are for people who would prefer the online help in PDF format.)
Inventory Pro Deluxe PDF Users Manual Inventory Pro PDF Users Manual Billing Manager Pro PDF Users Manual
Our programs will run on Windows, Unix, Ubuntu, Mac's and Wine.
Multiple Users, Client / Server, Network Ready. Yes No No
Number of Simultaneous Users: 1 to 20 users 1 user 1 user
Inventory and Invoices together in one easy program. Yes Yes Invoices Only
Long invoice line item descriptions, up to 250 characters per line item! 250 characters 250 characters 32 characters
Number of Password Protection Levels: 10 Levels 1 Level 1 Level
View Product Screen Shots... View View View
PDF support. View, print and email your invoices in PDF format. Click here to view a PDF invoice. (requires the free Adobe PDF viewer. If you do not have it, click here to get it.)  
Invoice software, Inventory softwareBar code support! Print bar codes for products on your invoices, PO's and also print product labels with bar codes!    
Clone existing products for easy, new product setup!    

Provides manual, automatic and 9 batch price-changing levels. Allows seasonal or other "batch" price changes.


Automatically calculate sale prices from list or cost, specify a fixed cost and over-ride prices at the invoice/PO level!


Supports automatic and manual product receivers. Receivers verify the receipt of product, but are optional.

Interfaces with Dymo Label Printers. (Note: All of our programs already print labels using any printer and label stock. This is only for Dymo printer owners.)      
Provides a Pick List. For larger storage locations, Pick Lists show which invoice items need to be pulled from stock, sorted by storage location.      

Features stock reorder, overstock and target level watches. Define your products stock-level preferences and monitor their status!


Separate product descriptions for PO's and invoices.


Provides for non-stock and non-depleting stock codes. Setup product codes for ANY type of sale!

Generates repeat (reoccurring) billings according to your specifications!    
Create Quotes/Estimates and easily turn them into invoices with one click!    
Pull specific data records into the Label Wizard by user-defined Customer/Vendor type or mailing list sort code!  
Create and print customized form letters including customer data.  
Create Mailing Lists and/or print mailing labels!  
Bill your customers past-due (interest or flat-rate) charges!  
E-Mail (or print) invoices and statements!  
Shaded color form options. Click here to see examples of shaded forms. No need to buy pre-printed forms!
Automatic Discount and Sub-Total calculations! Multiple Discount Amounts and/or Sub-Totals on same Invoice.
Power reporting with column-speed-sorting, export, sub-total, date and data filter selection options! Pick a report and customize it!
User-defined invoice aging (past-due) categories!
Handles partial payments and deposits on account!
Prints user-defined invoices using any text, fonts and colors!
Print mailing envelopes with custom fonts/colors!
Built-in timer for billing hourly rates and projects!
Supports International dates, VAT and GST tax rates!
Our Data Managers make data entry and editing EASY!! Designed for use by ANY type of business, small or large.
Use your customized logo graphics on all forms!
Setup new products and customers "on the fly" from within a new invoice, in seconds!
Pop-up your product list from within the invoice, then double-click on a product to automatically add it to your invoice! It's fast and easy!
Import/Export products and customers from/to text files!
Batch printing of invoices and/or Statements of Account!
Create user-defined key codes/sort fields.
Track point-of-sale and cash-based transactions.
Print packing slips, file and remittance copies.
Partial searches on customers, products, invoices, etc.
Compressed backups to any device supported by Windows!
Includes date-selection calendar or you can type in the date!
Unlimited invoices, payments, customers and products! Supports over one billion records for each data file!

Print sales messages or customer comments on all forms!
Insert line items on invoices and/or PO's!
Receipt Printer support and so much more!
Purchase Price:

Note: Product downloads are FREE. Purchase price may include a shipping and handling charge depending on delivery options selected when ordering. All orders that are shipped via postal mail will include a CD-ROM with program and PDF Users Manual. See our order page for current shipping prices, or click here for more information.

Inventory Pro Deluxe

$179.00 for 1 License plus $149.00 for each additional User License.
(See features listed above)
Inventory Pro:


(See features listed above)

Billing Manager Pro DELUXE:


(See features listed above)

Billing Manager Pro STANDARD:


(See features listed above)

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